Great Wall H6 wins 15th Gold Award for China Design Patent

Category:News Publish:2013-11-14

The winner list of the "15th China Patent Awards" has recently rolled out. As a result, Great Wall H6 won the 15th Gold Award for China Design Patent. Organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and evaluated by the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO), the award was the highest of its kind in China's design patent field and was presented to five domestic enterprises only.

According to sources, upon procedures such as application, initial selection, review and Q & A, the auto design patent (patent number: ZL200930125609.1) declared by GWM eventually stood out of 132 entrants to grab the only gold award for design patent in the transportation category as the only SUV model awarded over the years. The honor marks Great Wall H6 has won the highest honor in the field of auto design patent.

Great Wall H6 is a city SUV independently and innovatively developed by GWM. With GWM's original modeling concept of "conciseness, delicacy and safety", it integrates international stylish design elements with the aesthetic idea of Chinese people and shows the features of the SUV family such as fashion, steadiness and dynamism. The unique U-shape design makes the front and the rear contrast finely with each other and integrate as a whole; the streamlined body is not only dynamic and fashionable, but also inherits the concept of environmental protection and reduces wind resistance and fuel consumption; the interior is concise and elegant, and the wrap-around design makes riders safe. With four highlights --"intelligent luxury, intelligent space, intelligent technology and intelligent safety", the vehicle shows a perfect combination of technology and modeling. Since its launch, Great Wall H6 has enjoyed great popularity among consumers, thus becoming the SUV sales champion with monthly sales of over 20,000 units in the Chinese market.

According to sources, "China Patent Awards" is a government department award set up by SIPO and China's only important award for patented invention and creation. The award is recognized by WIPO, enjoys great influence in the world and represents the highest standard of China's independent innovation.
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