Wingle 5 Upgrade to land overseas markets

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As a minor vehicle, pickup has long been invisible to mass consumers. There are some restrictions on urban pickup use in some countries, such as denied downtown access and registration as commercial vehicles. Nevertheless, such a non-stream auto product was what GWM started up with. GWM has been far ahead of other brands in terms of pickup sales and strength. Wingle 5 Upgrade will also land overseas markets to boost GWM's pickup sales.

Fully-upgraded Wingle 5 builds high-end, comfortable, economical pickup

Fashionable and dynamic appearance combined with more capacious space. The body of Wingle 5 Upgrade is more fluid and fuller, trendy, kinetic and full of tension. The front design characteristic of European and American cars is another new attempt at Wingle 5. The front bumper and grille was remodeled and redeveloped, side pedals and a roll cage were added, a side turn signal lamp was added to the exterior rear-view mirror, the function of tire pressure monitoring and display was added to the interior rear-view mirror, equipment such as MP5 and automatic air conditioners were added. Wingle 5 Upgrade features dynamic appearance and comfortable space. The wide body design and ultra long wheelbase of 3,050mm distinguish Wingle 5 Upgrade from others in the same segment. The interior is spacious enough for free movement, and the overall space remains unchanged with rear seats undergoing widened, thickened and comfort-oriented design.

Leading power offers perfect control experience, Wingle 5 Upgrade is powered by a GW4D20 engine, which features an electronically-controlled high-pressure common-rail system and a variable geometry turbocharger, meets Euro V emission standards and generates strong power. With a comprehensive fuel consumption of 7.2L per 100 kilometers, Wingle 5 Upgrade is a fuel-conserving high-end pickup in China. Besides, it is named the "king of silence" with its overall noise over 16 percent less than the noise of traditional turbocharged diesel engines. The rear steel plate spring rigid axle suspension effectively attenuates vibration energy, accomplishes good effect of vibration absorption and gives riders good travel experience.

Wingle 5 Upgrade marches abroad to extend legend of pickup family

Exported from 1998, Great Wall pickups have become the pioneer of China's pickup export, have been exported to regions like Europe, Oceania, Central and South America, the Middle East and Africa, and have become a pronoun for Chinese pickups worldwide. Wingle 5 Upgrade extending the legend of Great Wall pickups have achieved great success since its launch in China and contributed to the total Wingle pickup sales of 97,800 units in the first ten months of this year.

Over the two decades, GWM has established the brand concept of "focus, dedication, specialization" and built its industrial role as a steady and practical enterprise. In recent years, GWM has made a great leap and achieved breakthrough in fields like R & D and production. Wingle 5 Upgrade's marching towards overseas markets has not only enriched the family of Great Wall pickups, but also offered terminal consumers multiple choices, thus laying a solid foundation for GWM to seize preemptive opportunities via the segment.
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