HAVAL COUPE Night Vision Design Pictures are Made Public

Category:News Publish:2014-04-20

For the upcoming 2014 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, manufacturers have released information on their cars to be displayed. As the domestic SUV leader, Great Wall Motor will unveil its concept car HAVAL COUPE to the whole world.  the appearance in dynamic fashion, concise and has strong visual shock. Its forward-looking style integrates cutting-edge design concept of global SUVs and aligns with aesthetic demand for the future SUV market. It has been learned that it also represents the style of the HAVAL sport series.

As can be seen from the pictures, the night vision design of HAVAL COUPE is very unique. LED technology is used in the headlamps that are arranged regularly in the form of 3 vertical bars, producing a simple as well as high-tech style. The visual effect is no different whether viewed from the front or the side. And HAVAL COUPE’s fog lamps and turn signals on the outside rear-view mirror adopt vertical design and have  enhanced the night vision effect which can make the car can be easily r recognized.

Like the headlamps, high mount brake lamp and fog lamp on the lower protection plate adopt simple, clear and sleek vertical design and arrangement which shows an international fashion design concept.

Viewed from the side, HAVAL COUPE is simple yet attractive. With a simple but smooth outline that showcase a dynamic and exquisite style, the long and thin engine hood at the front and the dynamic and strong arc of the top of car contribute to a dynamic and sleek SUV.